A History of the independent escort service in Gurgaon

A History of the independent escort service in Gurgaon

by Navneet Kaur

Prostitution is not a new concept of the modern world. Before turning into a professional market business, prostitution was a kind of tradition. Its roots take us to a very deep history that dictates its origin, worth and social standings. The current world revolves around it and in fact, yet none can stay away from the fact that it is widespread and popular in every part of the country. The scale of sensual gratification in exchange of valuables has existed for the same amount of time as religion has.

  • It is said that Mesopotamia Sumerians initiated this trend first. The story claims that the goddess ‘Ishtar’ of 3rd Millennium which is way long before Christ when they took birth as a ‘virgin’ each day and by the evening became a ‘whore’.
  • The followers of this goddess romanced with the priestesses of Ishtar to synchronised at a closer and spiritual level to the goddess. In return they gave offerings, valuables and money to the women.
  • Class difference had its influence on this sphere as well. Those with greater powers had an access to women of greater experience and glossy body in the field, in comparison to those who did not afford them.
  • The general classification from the ancient Greece expounds that “prone” were those women who could be bought easily and furnished temporary services.
  • While Hetaria were women who entertained their patners with dancing, singing, poetry and other appealing services by seducing them and spending nights with them and so does the independent escorts of Gurgaon.
  • It is also interesting to observe that unlike the contemporary times prostitution was legal in the past while marriage was a business arrangement between kingdoms. The roles have only flipped in the present.
  • Another concept that talks about the history of prostitution explains that such explicit prostitution was also practiced in the east. In 100 BC in China, Emperor Wu recruited women who could entertain his army men and entertained them well. These women were known as ‘Ying-Chi’ and were the maiden prostitutes in the area back they served them with their perfect bodies.
  • A popular escort of the 18th century was Sally Salisbury who was charged for slaying one of the patrons for pithy opera tickets.

So that was all about the history of Prostitution and inspired by these great women, our escorts in Gurgaon are serving their clients with great courage and respect. Escorts in Gurgaon are the most independent escorts in Gurgaon and they work whole day and night to please their clients. they are amazing at kissing and licking, you can give them a chance to ensure if they are actually worth the while. They follow all the ancient ways of pleasing man so they are considered best among all the other escorts in Gurgaon.

These call girls are filled with beauty and rages as they are confident and so allows client to do all the naughty things with them and responds in return.

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